Robbie Keane: I am optimistic that Tottenham will be ranked among the top four in the Premier League. Their offensive football is very attractive to fans.

Former Tottenham player Robbie Keane recently expressed his optimism that Tottenham can rank among the top four in the Premier League this season and suggested that his old club introduce a new No. 9 player in the winter window.

After 14 rounds of the Premier League, Tottenham are currently ranked 5th, 2 points behind Villa. Under the leadership of Postkoglu, Tottenham adopted a radical style of high-pressure attack and once led the Premier League standings. However, the team He suffered serious injuries recently and after three consecutive defeats, he drew 3-3 away from Manchester City in the last round of the league.

Robbie Keane, who has played 306 times for Tottenham and scored 122 goals, said: “I am optimistic that Tottenham can reach the top four of the Premier League. Postkoglu’s team is very brave and aggressive, which I like. style, I really hope I can be a part of this team.”

“If Tottenham want to regain the Champions League tickets, then they need to buy a center in the winter window. Tottenham have scored a lot of goals, but they still need a No. 9 player. Son Heung-min played well at the No. 9 position and played well. I enjoy it, but he’s more of a threat on the left. It’s not easy to bring in a top striker in January because other teams usually don’t want to sell.”

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