Scholes: Manchester United made huge mistake by missing out on Kane and Rice

In the final round of the Champions League group stage, Manchester United lost 0-1 at home to Bayern. Kane assisted Koeman to score the winning goal. After the game, Manchester United legend Scholes said that the Red Devils made a huge mistake by missing Kane and Rice this summer.

Scholes said: “I think Manchester United’s signings this summer would have been easy. For example, Harry Kane, you can pay 100 million pounds to sign him, and Kane originally wanted to come to Manchester United, and Rice, It’s also £100m. These are players you know well, are good players and they know your club and the country and I think it’s very easy to sign them.

“The other problem is the goalkeeper. Manchester United don’t need to buy another goalkeeper. Onana has not achieved the effect the team wants. Of course, you still have to give him some time. Rice and Kane can make you ignore those Players worth 50 to 60 million, they were ready to transfer at that time, and they had already proven their strength. If they have Rice and Kane, this Manchester United will be stronger than it is now.”

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