Pazzini: Milan’s Europa League match against Gattuso and Marseille will be attractive, Ibrahimovic’s return is positive

Milan’s old player Pazzini expressed the hope that Milan will be drawn into Marseille in the Europa League, and Ibrahimovic’s return is positive for Milan.

Milan finished third in the Champions League group and will participate in the subsequent Europa League play-offs. Pazzini first said: “Marseille has some important players and many old acquaintances in Serie A. Gattuso is currently coaching Marseille, which will be an attractive confrontation. Sporting CP is the most difficult opponent, they are a team Good team, as you can see from their previous game against Atalanta, but Milan can beat them. Qarabag is probably the most favorable opponent. My prediction? Toulouse could also be drawn.”

Ibrahimovic, who retired this summer, returned to Milan last week as a senior adviser to the owners. Pazzini believes: “Ibrahimovic’s return is positive because he is a great player in football and at Milan. His personality and credibility can help, and his return is positive for Milan. “

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