When the ball was live, Nunez did not chase the ball but asked the referee for some points. Carragher: If the goal was empty early, it would be over!

In the 17th round of the Premier League, Liverpool drew 0-0 with Manchester United at home. One of Nunez’s performances during the game was criticized by Red Army star Carragher.

In the 76th minute, Liverpool launched an offensive from the right. Nunez got the ball and advanced toward the center. Dias followed up with a kick and hit the goal. Two Manchester United defensive players stepped forward to block it. Onana also attacked in place. Dias Collapsed after coming into contact with multiple people. Nunez immediately raised his hand to signal the referee for a foul, but the ball was still alive at this time. When Nunez thought of chasing the ball, the Manchester United players were the first to destroy it.

Carragher said: “What did Nunez stop for? Just run across and put it into an empty net!” (Just run across and put it into an empty net!)

Neville said: “He thought it was a penalty kick. I disagreed. Dalot and Amrabat rushed over and blocked the ball.”

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