Is Manchester United bullying the weak and afraid that it can’t hide its hard attributes? Statistics show Newcastle win 2-1

The focus of the 14th round of the Premier League: Newcastle vs. Manchester United at home
At 4 o’clock in the morning on December 3rd, Beijing time, the 14th round of the Premier League will stage a focus showdown, with Newcastle facing Manchester United at St. James Park Stadium. Both teams performed unsatisfactory in the Champions League midweek, and the qualifying situation is extremely unfavorable. The league level will definitely work harder. For this strong dialogue, the lottery has launched a win-draw-lose single-level game. Newcastle’s main win of 1.76 is highly regarded.

The continuous high-intensity battles between the Champions League and the Premier League are not friendly to the newly emerging Newcastle. The Magpies have also suffered from injuries this season. They are currently on the verge of elimination from the Champions League and are ranked 7th in the league. In the midweek Champions League away game against Paris Saint-Germain, they struggled to gain 1 point despite not being favored. Last weekend, the Premier League defeated Chelsea 4-1 at home. Newcastle have continued their strength at home this season, losing only to Liverpool in seven domestic matches at home. They have defeated Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Villa at St. James’ Park. In addition, they have only conceded 1 goal at home in the past 6 domestic games and scored 13 goals. They have good dominance on both offense and defense.

Although Manchester United’s results this season are average, they can always bring ups and downs in the game and are often laughed at by netizens as the team with the most traffic. Unconsciously, Manchester United has risen to sixth place in the Premier League with its “stable and miserable” performance. Considering that Tottenham, which is full of injuries, is about to play Manchester City away from home, the Red Devils are expected to enter the European theater in this campaign. In the Champions League in midweek, Manchester United went to Turkey to challenge Galatasaray’s Devils home court. Although they once led by 2 goals, they failed to score the key three points due to a mistake by goalkeeper Onana. At the league level, Manchester United has won three consecutive games and has kept zero seals against Everton, Luton and Fulham. It seems that Manchester United can maintain the lower limit. It should be noted that Manchester United’s performance against the top half teams this season is 0-3 Manchester City, 0-2 Tottenham, 1-3 Arsenal and 1-3 Brighton, and only scored 2 goals in four games. goals, conceding 11 goals, and the performance of the strong dialogue was really bad.

Last season, the two sides met in the second round of the Premier League. Newcastle defeated Manchester United 2-0 at home to avenge the EFL Cup defeat. In the fourth round of the EFL Cup this season, Newcastle crushed Manchester United 3-0 as an away game. Having scored 5 goals against Manchester United in 2 games and with zero shutouts, the Magpies have a considerable psychological advantage in this campaign.

Sports Lottery has opened an odds combination of 1.76 (win), 3.55 (draw), and 3.45 (loss) for this game. This is also the biggest support given to Newcastle in the recent history of the two sides. Interestingly, in the Barcelona Atletico game, the home win odds are also 1.76, but the even odds are 3.45, and the away win odds are 3.55. This shows that the atmosphere of deciding the winner is stronger in this game. In the half-time game, Newcastle’s odds of winning are as low as 2.8, which is much lower than other options. Newcastle is expected to suppress Manchester United. In terms of score, Newcastle’s 2-1 odds are the lowest at 7.25 to 1, while in the Barcelona Atletico match, where the home win is also 1.76, the score odds are 1-1, the lowest, which shows the strength of support. Taken together, combined with the different performances of the two sides in the strong dialogue and the clues shown in the data, Newcastle’s home win is more worthy of pursuit.