Former referee: Milner’s foul on Mudrick was a penalty, Gallagher’s second yellow card was fine

Live Broadcast, December 4th: Chelsea defeated Brighton 3-2 in the 14th round of the Premier League. There were several controversial penalties in the game. Dermott gave his own opinion on the previous Premier League referee.

Focus 1: Whether Milner’s foul on Mudrick was a penalty kick or a red card

Dermot said: “It was a penalty kick. It was a good VAR intervention. Milner was defending with his feet. According to the existing rules, it is difficult to send off a foul player for being tripped. . I don’t think it was a red card. If the defensive player didn’t kick the ball but directly pushed the opponent or pulled the opponent’s jersey, it could easily have been sent off.”

“If the defender tries to kick the ball it’s just a yellow card and it’s hard to say Milner didn’t try to kick the ball because he did put his foot out.”

Focus 2: Gallagher tackled Gilmore from behind, was it a yellow card?

Dermot said: “I don’t think there is a problem with the second yellow card because essentially it was a tackle and a yellow card. Gallagher did tackle the ball, but first he knocked the person down. Added Lugger already had a yellow card and it wasn’t a good tackle, so it wasn’t a smart decision at that point in time.”