Reject Mbappe and sign the Bundesliga striker! Liverpool intercepts Salah, Klopp chooses one of the two to retain Salah

With the Mbappe news going viral, Liverpool once became Mbappe’s favorite destination. However, judging from the current news, Liverpool has given up the possibility of signing Mbappe. They will not transfer the team’s The focus is on Mbappe, spending a lot of time and energy pursuing an uncertain possibility. Mbappe’s first choice is still Real Madrid, which is an important reason why Mbappe gave up. According to news from the Belgian media, Liverpool is exploring the possibility of signing Belgian striker Oponda.

The 23-year-old Belgian striker attracted the attention of Liverpool last season, but in the end he did not get the opportunity to join Liverpool. His performance in Ligue 1 was still very good. During his time with Lens, he only scored in the league. He scored 21 goals and provided 4 assists. In the end, with this performance, he joined Leipzig in the Bundesliga for a transfer fee of less than 40 million euros. After coming to Leipzig, his performance was also recognized. He performed very well in the league and the Champions League, especially in the two games against Manchester City, scoring 3 goals in two rounds, which was a very exciting performance.

With Oponda’s current performance, it is not surprising that he has attracted the attention of wealthy clubs. As a new generation of talented shooters in Belgium, his role in the frontcourt is very obvious. He has a balanced left and right foot, excellent heading, and his physical confrontation ability and speed are not weak. , is a relatively versatile shooter and one of Leipzig’s best players this season. Oponda’s current estimated value in the transfer market is 45 million euros, but with 5 years left on the contract, signing the Belgian striker will cost at least 70 million euros.

Judging from the current news, the clubs interested in Oponda mainly come from the Premier League, especially Chelsea. They hope to sign another shooter with a relatively high finishing efficiency to make up for Jackson’s inconsistent shooting efficiency. question, Oponda is a good target. After signing Nkunku, if they sign Opponda again, it will be the second consecutive season that they have signed a striker from Leipzig, but Liverpool’s interception may bring them a lot of trouble. trouble.

Judging from the current attractiveness and competitiveness of Liverpool and Chelsea in the transfer market, Liverpool’s advantage will undoubtedly be more obvious. Chelsea’s poor results in the past two seasons have made it very difficult for them to sign contracts, especially for The attractiveness of young geniuses has even declined a lot. Liverpool’s current striker strength is relatively complete, and they can try their best to retain Salah even though they gave up signing Mbappe. With the addition of strikers like Oponda, Liverpool’s offensive firepower will be More powerful.