Souness: Martial is not worthy of his contract. Reporter: Mourinho once wanted to let him go but was rejected by the senior management.

Live Broadcast, December 4th According to Manchester United reporter Samuel Luckhurst, Mourinho originally wanted to let Martial leave the team in 2018, but was vetoed by Joel Glazer and Woodward.

First, Souness said on the show: “Martial represents (Manchester United’s) poor football decisions for a decade, and he is still at the club. The players are just playing half-heartedly. They actually gave him a new contract, He doesn’t deserve this contract at all!”

In response, Samuel Luckhurst responded on Twitter: Mourinho opened the door for Martial to leave in the summer of 2018 when he expressed his desire to leave and his worth was high. However, that door was closed by Joel Glazer and Ed Woodward.