Manchester United players were punished for pressuring the referee three times. Protests against the new Premier League rules are more likely to be punished

In the 16th round of the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Bournemouth 0-3 at home. In this game, Manchester United players Reguilon, Hoylen and B Fee were awarded yellow cards for pressuring the referee. B Fee will miss the next round of the Double Red Club because of this.

The Premier League introduced new rules at the end of July, making it clear that protesting referees will be more likely to receive yellow cards.

New regulations at the end of July include:

1-Extend stoppage time to ensure more accurate match time

The referee will pay more attention to the net time of the game. The time spent celebrating the goal will be included in the injury time of the game. The referee will also record the pause time of the game interruption, such as substitutions, goals, injuries, preparations for free kicks, etc.

In addition, referees will be more decisive in punishing obvious wastes of time.

2-Encourage physical confrontation

In order to make the game flow more smoothly and reduce pauses, referees will apply a higher threshold for physical contact between players.

3-Protesting against a penalty is more likely to result in a yellow card

In the new season, the threshold for players to be shown yellow cards due to dissatisfaction with penalties will be lowered. If multiple players approach the referee, at least one of them, and possibly multiple players, will be given a yellow card. Any player approaching the referee from a distance will be given a yellow card.

4-It is easier for the head coach and technical staff to get cards

In the new season, coaches and support staff in the technical area will be more strictly scrutinized. If there are more than one person in the head coach’s technical area, the referee will automatically show a yellow card, and coaches who leave the technical area will be subject to more severe penalties.

Coaches who initiate aggressive behavior towards referees or opponents will be shown a red card. Any club officials who have been sent off will no longer be allowed to watch the game in the stands and must leave the pitch out of sight.

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