Petit: Arsenal need a striker who can score 30 goals in a single season, Isaac is perfect for them

Pettit said in an interview that Newcastle forward Isaac will be a very good complement to Arsenal. Arsenal needs a forward who can score 30 goals in a single season.

Pettit said: “Isaac is tall, aggressive and technical. Every time he gets the ball, he wants to score. Physically and technically, he is very present on the court. If one day I’ve been told he plays like Thierry Henry and maybe I’ll believe it, but at the moment it’s too early to say that.

He is a fantastic striker and it would be great for Arsenal to get him because he brings different qualities. Jesus and Nketiah play in a similar way. They have different movements, but they are very different in body, technique and shooting.

I am frustrated with Nketiah’s shooting. Arsenal need a striker who can score 30 goals in all competitions throughout the season. This is an area that Arsenal want to improve.

Isaac is a very good forward who finished the season well after suffering an injury in the second half of last year. He started the year well. If he can avoid injury, we’ll see what he’s truly capable of. “

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