The Times: The ball used in the 2024 European Cup will have a built-in chip to detect handballs and offsides

Nowadays, technology has an increasingly powerful impact on football. According to an exclusive report by The Times, the official ball of the 2024 European Cup will use a built-in chip. This chip, combined with relevant body tracking technology, can help referees better judge whether there is a handball or offside.

Using this kind of football with a built-in chip, coupled with body tracking technology and human skeleton 3D vision technology, the computer can accurately display the ball’s current position on the player’s body. This technology is obviously more advanced and accurate than VAR.

In October last year, Crystal Palace forward Ayew scored a goal against Tottenham. Tottenham players complained about a handball foul first. After a long period of VAR playback, it was difficult to determine the specific physical position of the ball in contact with the player.

Using a football with a built-in chip can also accurately determine the specific time when the ball was kicked, which helps to more accurately determine whether it is offside. In fact, this kind of football with built-in chip was already used in last year’s World Cup in Qatar. It is still uncertain whether the UEFA Champions League will use this technology-rich ball in the new season, because this technology is expensive.

In addition, the Club World Cup will use a new semi-automatic offside system. When a player is offside, the system will send a message reminder to the referee. At that time, Manchester City will participate in the Club World Cup. It is expected that the Premier League will also use a semi-automatic offside system in the new season, but it is not yet certain whether it will use footballs with built-in chips.

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