Stam: Ten Hag has too many chores, from Ronaldo Sancho to journalist controversy

In Ten Hag’s second season coaching Manchester United, the Red Devils failed to qualify from the Champions League group. In an interview, Manchester United legend Stam talked about some issues regarding Ten Hag’s coaching of Manchester United.

Stam said: “Ten Hag must start to worry and think about what will happen now. You can ban a player, but the important thing is how to cooperate and get along with the players. From Ronaldo to Sancho, Varane, I don’t Knowing exactly what happened to them, and now, some journalists are banned from United’s press conferences.

“As a manager, these things are not good for you, you should be calm and not manage the players and the media too much and so on. The manager needs to be fully focused and I don’t think he needs to talk about the players all the time and not pay too much attention to the players. In your opinion, this is where I have some concerns about Ten Hag.

“In his first season at Manchester United, he did very well. The team won the championship and Champions League tickets, but in my opinion this has little to do with his tactical play and more with Ten Hag. It has brought some changes to the team. Because the football we know as ten Hag is possession of the ball, frequent running, pushing forward, and high pressure, and the current Manchester United cannot do these.”

Talking about why Ten Hag was unable to replicate the style of Ajax at Manchester United, Stam said: “It is indeed difficult. I respect his achievements in Ajax and Manchester United in his first season. He is a great player.” A good coach, but I am also thinking about this question. I even asked Ten Hag, when can I see the kind of football played by Ajax in Manchester United?

“But Ten Hag himself admitted that he could never lead the Red Devils to play like that. I was surprised and I also watched Manchester United against Brighton and Tottenham. It is also about the players you have, Ten Hag.” A lot of money is spent on players, but are they worth it? I don’t think so.”

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