DO: Arsenal expects the winter window to be relatively quiet, and the summer window may strengthen the midfielder & center.

TA’s famous reporter David Ornstein answered Arsenal’s winter window signings and the prospects of future signings in an interactive answer.

DO said:

I expect Arsenal to have a relatively quiet winter window, but things can always change and there are variables, but this is what I currently expect.

As you can know from the loan of Raya from Arsenal, Arsenal does not have much space in FFP. Once they can spend appropriately, the first payment will be to buy out Raya.

There is also Ramsdale’s situation. I don’t think Arsenal will allow him to be rented out. A certain transfer fee will be needed to help Arsenal’s finances. I don’t know what progress is made in this regard. Of course, Ramsdale wants and needs playing time, but I’m told, not surprisingly, that he’s training well and being a professional. The ideal situation for Arsenal would be to resolve this issue in the summer transfer window.

Fuyasu Jianyang’s injury and his possible departure to the Asian Cup are not good things for the Gunners, so Arsenal may rent the defender in the winter window. However, if other players remain healthy, Fuyasu Jianyang will not need to sign a defender once he returns.

I think Arsenal want to add a midfielder at some point in the future, but someone needs to leave the team, and now it looks like Jorginho, Thomas and Smith Rowe are all possible. We know Arsenal like Zubimendi, Barella and Neto among others, but I’m not aware of any movement.

Ruben Neves will stay at Saudi Arabia, I don’t think Villa will let Douglas Luiz go, and as far as I know, Arsenal are not seriously considering either player.

It’s well documented that bringing in a center will be on the agenda, but I think that’s a summer thing. As has been widely reported, players such as Ivan Ferguson and Cesc are widely appreciated, but Arsenal are not the only clubs interested in poaching both players from their current clubs. It’s not an easy task for any interested club.

Of course, Ivan Toney, Osimhen and Boniface are also among the centers that many clubs are paying attention to, but again I think their futures are uncertain at the moment.

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