Telegraph: There is a lack of direct communication between Chelsea executives and fans, and I don’t know what they expect from Pau.

According to the “Daily Telegraph”, there has been a lack of direct communication between Chelsea executives and fans this season.

Last week, Chelsea owner Burley attended the club’s annual Christmas lunch. Chelsea’s official website also posted photos of the American boss talking to the guests, but what these photos did not show was that there was a security team keeping Burley and His colleagues’ table was isolated from the 500 attendees, unless you flashed your VVIP pass or swung your hips around them. This left some outside Chelsea’s circle of trust feeling a little confused as to why they were unable to engage with Burley’s team at what was generally considered a good campaign.

Burley’s message to supporters was printed on the banquet program rather than delivered in person, which to a great extent indicates the situation between him and Egbaly after joining Chelsea. They have been keen to project an image of being open and approachable, but the vast majority of fans have yet to hear or read anything unscripted from them, and a willingness to talk about the issues is more important than any obvious answers at this point.

Former Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich usually leaves public speaking engagements to former club chairman Bruce Buck, and Burley and Egbaly attend far more games and events than many other Premier League owners. Together with Chelsea’s sporting director, they are trying to Maintain healthy and indirect communication between them and fans and various media. At the end of last season, the owners released a sanitized version of their letter to fans that was well-intentioned but lacked substance.

Members of what is known as the club’s “executive leadership team” have been and will continue to meet with fan groups, while sporting directors Winstanley and Stewart have conducted lengthy internal interviews, possibly with the aim of being more confident in future requests from independent media. Challenging questions. While they cannot be accused of being absent or insulated, Burley and Egbaly’s public silence could make their attempts to win back the hearts of frustrated and angry Chelsea fans futile, and potentially leave manager Mauricio Pochettino in trouble. Dilemma.

Burley and Egbali have never publicly explained why they sacked Champions League-winning coach Tuchel, or why they abandoned Potter so quickly, their youth-first transfer policy and their lack of experience this season with Mauricio Pochettino. What specific expectations does the team have. There has been a deafening silence about the club’s plans and changing personnel, and so far CEO Jura Seko has not explained some of his decisions, such as canceling bus subsidies for away fans. Instead, fans can only see interviews with Feliciano, a partner of the two owners, at commercial events in the United States, where they often answer very cursory questions about Chelsea.

After losing to Manchester United, Chelsea are currently ranked 10th in the Premier League standings, 11 points away from the top four. Considering that Porter was sacked in 11th place, 12 points away from the top four, we have reason to ask this question. What to expect from Pochettino this season. No one outside their inner circle knows what the attitude of Burleigh and Egbali is, and unless they decide to speak the truth at an opportune time, outsiders can only continue to speculate.

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