0-3! Newcastle collapses and loses miserably, Everton escapes the relegation zone, Manchester United accepts the gift

After the new season kicked off, Newcastle’s record was unsatisfactory. Not only was it at the bottom of the Champions League group of death, but it was only ranked 7th after the first 14 rounds of the Premier League. However, the defeat of Manchester United at home last weekend gave the Magpies hope of reaching the Champions League. On this match day, Newcastle went to the away game to face Everton. The latter dropped directly to the bottom three due to a 10-point deduction and urgently needed a victory to get rid of the decline. Trippier made consecutive low-level mistakes, McNeil and Ducoure each made a contribution within 6 minutes, Beto scored in stoppage time, Everton defeated Newcastle 3-0, ushered in 2 consecutive league wins, and temporarily escaped the relegation zone .

In this game, Eddie Howe continued to use a 4-3-3 formation. Dubravka replaced the seriously injured Pope as the starting goalkeeper. The four defenders were still Livramento, Scheer, Lascelles and Trippier. , Joelinton, Guimarães and 17-year-old Lewis Milley sit in the midfield, with Gordon, Isaac and Almiron teaming up as a trident.

After the game started, Newcastle did not show its advantage. On the contrary, Everton’s defensive counterattack was more effective. In the first 10 minutes of the game, Tarkovsky and Ashley Young successively created threats through long shots, and Dubravka became the busiest person on the court.

In the 14th minute, Trippier took a free kick, bypassed the wall and then fell, but failed to test Pickford. In the 17th minute, young player Lewis Milley made a wonderful pass from the front of the penalty area. Almiron led the ball in one go and pushed the ball towards the goal, but it was confiscated by Pickford.

In the 20th minute, McNeil responded with a wonderful direct pass. Lewin entered the penalty area and pushed the shot from a small angle but was saved by Dubravka. Newcastle escaped. In the 29th minute, Trippier dropped a free kick into the penalty area and was cleared. Almiron volleyed the ball and hit the crossbar and went out of bounds.

In the 36th minute, Newcastle made a fuss from the right. Trippier was unmarked and passed the ball. Isaac beat Tarkovsky with a header and missed the post slightly. Four minutes later, there was a melee in front of Branthwaite’s goal. He accidentally hit the ball and sent it to the goal. Lewin actually hit it from close range and missed an excellent opportunity. The two teams entered the locker room with a score of 0-0.

After changing sides, neither side made adjustments, and Newcastle gradually took over the game. It’s a pity that neither Gordon nor Lewis Milley was in good condition on the offensive end. They shot high from long range time and time again, but they were never able to convert their advantage into goals.

In the 80th minute, Trippier made a mistake in playing with fire in the backcourt. McNeil smiled and accepted the gift, stole the ball and pushed forward. He kicked off the penalty area and shot the ball straight into the blind corner. Dubravka had no way to do it. Everton Finally broke the deadlock, 1-0!

Two minutes later, Trippier’s shot from outside the penalty area hit the defender’s leg and turned into a cross. Almiron was unmarked and his header went back, but it was slightly higher than the crossbar. In the 86th minute, Trippier made another low-level mistake. Jack Harrison made a cross from the left side of the penalty area. McNeil followed up and kicked the shot. Ducoure outflanked and pushed the shot into the net. Everton won two games in a row, 2- 0 seals the victory.

In the 96th minute, Trippier failed to commit offside, and Beto, who came on as a substitute, penetrated Dubravka’s wicket and changed the score.

In the end, Newcastle lost 0-3 at the feet of Everton and missed their second consecutive Premier League victory. Everton, on the other hand, won two consecutive games and temporarily escaped the relegation zone.

Everton not only saved themselves, but also helped Manchester United in disguise. The Red Devils defeated Newcastle by 1 point and maintained their sixth position in the standings.

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