Madison: Son Heung-min is a top player and we assist and score goals for each other

Madison: Son Heung-min is a top player

On December 6, Beijing time, Madison said in an interview: “When we (Sun Xingmin) were opponents, we respected each other. When you shake hands with each other and talk to them on the court, you can feel something. Human character. Coming here, you obviously knew he was a top player. He proved it with a hundred Premier League goals. He is one of the best strikers I have ever seen, left-footed or left-footed. Right foot. When I first came here, I played left midfield and Son Heung-min was left winger, so I was really excited about it because we worked together in training. Now Son Heung-min is playing forward, but since then, we have really established We have a good chemistry. We get along well off the pitch and then on the pitch we work together to score goals. I assisted him in the North London derby and we are constantly looking for each other. In the game before I got injured Against Fulham he scored, I scored and he assisted me. We will come back soon and start again where we left off.”

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