Tottenham may not be able to cope with the absence of the captain. Data shows that Manchester United hopes to revenge 2-1.

Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

At 0:30 a.m. on January 15th, Beijing time, the 21st round of the Premier League ushered in a focus game. Manchester United faced Tottenham at Old Trafford. Manchester United lost to Nottingham Forest in their last away game and have fallen to 8th in the standings. Tottenham have recently entered the European theater with their outstanding performance. Judging from the official sports lottery data, Manchester United must be in trouble at home and hope to win.

Manchester United lost to Nottingham Forest in the last league game of 2023. After a week’s rest, the first game of the new year ushered in the FA Cup, facing the English League One team Wigan Athletic, with the goals of Dalot and B Fee , successfully eliminated the opponent. Ten Hag sent his main players to play in this game. After the successful victory, Teng Shuai’s pressure was relieved to a certain extent. Facing Tottenham, which has been in hot form recently, the whole team is eager to welcome the new boss Sir Tracliffe with a victory.

Tottenham currently leads Manchester United by 8 points in the standings. Similar to Manchester United, Tottenham has no European war missions this season and is currently concentrating on the league and FA Cup. Tottenham have performed well in the league since December last year, drawing with Manchester City in away games, winning consecutive games against Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest and Everton. They have won 4 in the last 5 games and returned to the European Championship. .

Son Heung-min leaves for the national team

The Asian Cup and the African Cup are currently in fierce competition. Tottenham released captain Son Heung-min before the FA Cup, but Manchester United’s main goalkeeper Onana postponed the time to join the national team. Onana is likely to finish the game with Tottenham before rushing to the national team. For this reason, Manchester United has also received greater criticism from the outside world.

The sports lottery official has launched a single-level game of win, draw and loss for this game. The data combination is 2.04 (Manchester United wins) 3.60 (draw) 2.70 (Tottenham wins). It has high hopes for Manchester United playing at home. Manchester United has been plagued by injuries since the beginning of the season. The new boss Sir Ratcliffe is expected to watch the game live. Facing Tottenham, which lacks an offensive core, the Red Devils are eager to use a revenge to welcome the arrival of the new boss.

Judging from the half-time gameplay, the odds of “Shengsheng” are 3.25 to 1. It is not easy for Manchester United to take the lead at halftime and maintain it until the end. The odds of scoring 2 goals in total are 4.35 to 1, the odds of 3 goals are 3.85 to 1, and the odds of 4 goals are 4.5 to 1. The two sides are expected to stage a battle. In addition, the odds of Manchester United 2-1 Tottenham are the lowest at 7.5 to 1, and the odds of 1-1 are 8.5 to 1. Manchester United, sitting at Old Trafford, is undefeated.

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