The final draw results of the U19 European Cup qualifiers: Netherlands, Belgium and France are in the same group

The final draw results for the 2023-24 U19 European Cup qualifiers are out. 28 teams are divided into 7 groups. The top spot in each group will participate with the host Northern Ireland in the U19 European Cup from July 15th to 28th next year. The finals event is also the 2025 U20 World Cup qualifier.

Attached are the final draw results for the U19 European Youth Championship qualifiers:

Group 1: Spain, Austria, Kosovo, Slovenia

Group 2: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Lithuania

Group 3: Norway, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro

Group 4: Portugal, Denmark, Serbia, Greece

Group 5: Scotland, Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy (defending champions)

Group 6: Türkiye, Germany, Croatia, Romania

Group 7: Switzerland, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Latvia

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