Premier League: 10-man Chelsea 3-2 Brighton, promoted to 10th, Enzo double-shot, Gallagher red

In the early morning of December 4th, Beijing time, in the 14th round of the Premier League, Chelsea played against Brighton at home. In the first half, Enzo opened the scoring for Chelsea, then Colville expanded the lead, Buenanott got a goal back, Gallagher was sent off after two yellows and one red; in the second half, Mudrick made a point, Enzo Zuo scored a goal with a shot to complete the double goal. In the end, Chelsea defeated Brighton 3-2.

In the summer window of this year, Chelsea continued to spend huge sums of money to introduce many new players. The entire team is worth as much as 1 billion euros, second only to Manchester City and Arsenal. Recently, Chelsea started their “Northern Expedition” journey. After defeating Tottenham, they drew with Manchester City. However, they lost to Newcastle in the last round and the team’s status has been ups and downs.

In this round, Chelsea returned home to face the challenge of Brighton, which ranked 8th, leaving behind Chelsea by 6 points and remaining unbeaten in 7 consecutive games in all competitions.

Faced with such an opponent, Chelsea had a very obvious home advantage, using two corner kicks to score two goals. However, before halftime, Gallagher was sent off after two yellows and one red, putting Chelsea at a numerical disadvantage. Despite this, Chelsea withstood Brighton’s crazy counterattack, including Brighton sending Milner, Pedro, Kaoru Mikasa, and Gross on the stage in the second half, narrowing the score to just one goal.

In the end, Chelsea won the victory, giving Brighton their first defeat in the last eight games, and the team also avoided suffering a second consecutive defeat. After the victory, Chelsea’s points reached 19 points, surpassing Brentford, rising to 10th in the standings, and returning to the top ten again.

In this game, Mr. Billionaire Enzo finally completed his most glorious performance since joining Chelsea. First he scored with a header and then hit a penalty kick, scoring twice. This is also the first time in his career that he has scored twice in a single game in all competitions. .

Detailed review of the game——

In the 17th minute, Chelsea took a corner kick and Badiashile passed the ball in front of the goal. Enzo easily scored with a header, giving the home team a 1-0 lead.

In the 21st minute, Chelsea took a corner kick. Gallagher drove to the back of the penalty area. Jackson headed the ball to the goal and assisted Colwell to score a header. Chelsea won 2-0.

In the 26th minute, Chelsea passed back from the backcourt, and goalkeeper Sanchez made a mistake in stopping the ball, almost missing the ball into the goal.

In the 43rd minute, Buenanot broke into the penalty area and swung away from the angle, then scored with his left foot and helped Brighton regain the score 1-2.

In the 45th and 1st minutes, Gallagher uprooted Gilmour and was sent off for two yellows and one red, leaving Chelsea with 10 men left to fight.

According to statistics, this is the third time a Chelsea player has been sent off with a red card in the Premier League this season, second only to Liverpool, who received 4 red cards.

In the 62nd minute, Mudrick was pushed down by Milner in the penalty area. VAR intervened and Chelsea won a penalty kick. Then Enzo made a penalty kick and scored twice, expanding the score to 3-1.

In the 92nd minute, Gross took a corner kick and assisted Pedro to score a header, helping Brighton chase another goal 2-3.

Chelsea starting lineup: 1-Sanchez, 2-Disasi, 5-Badiasil, 6-Thiago Silva, 26-Colwell, 25-Caicedo, 8-Enzo, 23- Gallagher, 7-Sterling, 10-Mudrick, 15-Jackson

Brighton starting lineup: 23-Steele, 3-Igor, 20-Baleba, 29-Van Herk, 34-Weltman, 11-Billy Gilmore, 14-Lalana, 40 -Bunanot, 41-Hinshelwood, 24-Adiguera, 28-Evan Ferguson