La Liga: Barcelona 1-0 Atletico Madrid, returning to third place in the standings, Felix turned against his old club and celebrated wantonly

In the early morning of December 4th, Beijing time, a highlight match in the 15th round of La Liga was between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid at home. In the first half, Felix scored with a shot, and then the shot in front of the goal was saved; in the second half, Rafinha’s shot hit the post. In the end, Barcelona defeated Atletico Madrid 1-0.

In the middle of this week, the two teams won at the same time in the Champions League group stage, and at the same time locked in qualification one round in advance, they can shift their focus to the direct matchup in the league. The two teams currently have 31 points together. Barcelona has one more game and is behind Atletico Madrid on goal difference. It is also a championship battle worth 6 points. No one wants to be separated by Real Madrid and Girona in front of them.

This game was the first time Portuguese international Felix faced his old club Atletico Madrid after being loaned to Barcelona. The performance of this game attracted much attention. Before the game, Atletico Madrid coach Simeone chose to remain silent.

As a result, Felix became the main contributor to Barcelona’s victory, scoring the only goal of the game, and the Portuguese international even jumped on the billboard after scoring and celebrated wantonly.

Previously, Felix had not scored a goal against Real Madrid and Barcelona in 17 games on behalf of Atletico Madrid. Now he scored for the first time against his old club Atletico Madrid.

This summer, Atletico Madrid extended Felix’s contract until 2029, and then loaned him to Barcelona until the end of this season without a buyout clause.

After the victory, Barcelona’s points reached 34 points, returning to third place in the standings. At the same time, the point difference between Real Madrid and Girona is still 4 points. Atletico Madrid still has 31 points, falling to fourth place in the standings, 7 points behind the top spot with one game in hand.

This loss made Atletico Madrid unable to defeat Barcelona in away games in the league for 17 consecutive seasons. The last time they won a victory and took away 3 points was back in February 2006, when they defeated Barcelona 3-1. Since then, they have not won a victory and scored 5 draws. 12 losses.

For coach Simeone, since he started coaching Atletico Madrid, he has never defeated Barcelona in an away game in any game, with a record of 7 draws and 11 losses in 18 consecutive games.

Detailed review of the game——

In the first minute of the game, Barcelona played a wonderful cooperation, Rafinha sent a cross, and in the end no one outflanked his teammates.

In the 12th minute, Kongde made a pass, Lewandowski outflanked the goal and hit the goal with a volley, but failed to suppress the kick and kicked it away.

In the 29th minute, Rafinha sent an assist, and Felix followed up with a shot from a small angle to help Barcelona lead 1-0.

In the 43rd minute, Felix hit the goal in the penalty area, but the ball was saved by goalkeeper Oblak, and he missed an excellent opportunity.

In the 47th minute, Azpilicueta stepped on Felix’s foot after his defense was passed. The latter fell to the ground in pain. This was also the third yellow card Atletico Madrid received in this game.

In the 58th minute, Pedri played the ball in the frontcourt. Rafinha advanced a few steps and shot directly. The ball hit the post and bounced out of the baseline.

Barcelona starting: 13-Peña, 23-Konde, 4-Araujo, 15-Christensen, 2-Cancelo, 8-Pedri, 22-Gündogan, 21-De Jong, 11 -Raphinha, 14-Felix, 9-Lewandowski

Atletico Madrid starting line-up: 13-Oblak, 2-Jimenez, 20-Witsel, 22-Hermoso, 16-Molina, 14-Marcos Llorente, 6-Koke, 5 -DePaul, 25-Riquelme, 7-Griezmann, 19-Morata