Former player: I don’t think Gilasi has the ability to play for Manchester United

OneFootball reported that in a recent interview, former Manchester United player Silvestre talked about Manchester United’s current situation and the rumors related to the team and Stuttgart striker Gilasi.

Silvestre said: “I don’t think Gilasi has the ability to play for Manchester United. If it were me, I would go to other teams to find forwards. In addition, I am optimistic that Hoylen will succeed at Manchester United, but he still needs some time. , and the current atmosphere of the team is not ideal, but I still believe he can succeed.”

“Ganacho has the The math will go up, but he still has to do a lot of homework.”

“Ganacho is very young and needs more experience and game polishing. Sometimes he seems unstable and cannot make the right decisions when facing challenges, but vigour is also a sign of young people. I think the team must give him patience.” Hahe still has to be patient with him. As time goes by and experience accumulates, he will settle down and become more accurate in making decisions. Although the head coach has high demands on him, he still has to stay focused and do everything well. Every detail, lay a solid foundation.”

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