The data is strong! Liverpool defends home court as Gunners struggle to break 11-year curse


At 1:30 am on December 24th, Beijing time, the 18th round of the Premier League will stage a strong dialogue. Liverpool will face Arsenal at home. The Christmas war is about to begin. Arsenal, Liverpool, and Villa are vying for the Christmas championship. The direct dialogue between the Red Army and the Gunners is a duel worth 6 points, and may even affect the championship pattern this season! The official sports betting odds are 2.10 (Liverpool) 3.30 (draw) 2.78 (Arsenal). The Red Army playing at home has the advantage.

Judging from the current situation, Arsenal currently tops the Premier League with 39 points, Liverpool is second with 1 point behind, and Villa, who has suddenly emerged this season, ranks third with a goal difference disadvantage. Since fourth-placed Manchester City only has 34 points, this season’s Premier League Christmas champion can only be produced between Arsenal, Liverpool and Villa. In this round of direct dialogue between Liverpool and Arsenal, Villa will face Sheffield United, which is at the bottom of the league. The Red Army and the Gunners will win the championship if they win. While Villa wins, they also need to hope for a draw between the two teams in order to reap the benefits.

Liverpool has a good momentum this season, qualifying first in the Europa group stage, and has not lost in the league since losing to Tottenham in the seventh round. There are many draws and wins, which shows the team’s resilience. Before the Red Army drew with Manchester United in the last round, the Red Army once ranked first in the league; they beat West Ham United 5-1 in the EFL Cup in midweek, and the morale of the team has improved. Moreover, Liverpool has 12 wins and 1 draw in 13 home games this season, and 18 wins and 3 draws in 21 games across the season. Their home strength is so terrifying!

Arsenal defeated Brighton in the last round, and thanks to a fierce draw between Liverpool and Manchester United, the Gunners were able to return to the top of the list. Arsenal currently lead the standings by just one point, and after falling short last season, they are clearly unwilling to repeat the same mistakes. The away game against Liverpool is a crucial 6-point battle. Both teams have the ability to defeat each other, but it should be noted that Arsenal’s record in the past 10 visits to Anfield is only 3 draws and 7 losses. The last victory was 11 years ago.


  The sports betting official has announced the score odds. Among them, the lowest odds for Liverpool to win 2-1 are 8 to 1, followed by 1-0 to win 10; for Arsenal, the lowest odds are 9 to 1 for 2-1; The minimum payout for a draw between the two sides is 7.5 for 1-1. Combined with the fundamentals, both teams have been in good shape recently. Liverpool has a strong unbeaten rate at home and has an outstanding historical match record. The Gunners face physical and psychological challenges in away games. This is also the reason why the Red Army wins the home game and pays 2.10 for 1. Overall, it is still Favoring Liverpool to defend Anfield, Arsenal will find it difficult to break their 11-year away winless spell.

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