Double Red Club Liverpool’s data crushes, will Teng Shuai perform the Red Devils’ swan song?

At 0:30 a.m. on December 18th, Beijing time, the 17th round of the Premier League ushered in a focus match, with Liverpool playing against Manchester United at home. In this duel known as England’s national derby, the current situations of both sides are quite different. Liverpool is making great progress in both league and European competitions, while Manchester United is out of the Champions League at the bottom. Ranked 6th in the league, it is temporarily out of the European competition. The sports lottery official has opened an odds combination of 1.22 (Liverpool), 5.4 (tie), and 7.45 (Manchester United) for this game. Liverpool shows an overwhelming trend in terms of data, and the Red Devils are likely to lose to Anfield again.

The Double Red Club has always been one of the most fiercely competitive and highly watched games in the Premier League. Every dialogue between the two sides will produce huge sparks. However, the trend of the game in recent years has been somewhat one-sided. Liverpool has only suffered one defeat in the last 10 Premier League double-red meetings. During this period, it has scored more than 4 goals many times and has kept Manchester United clean sheets in 4 consecutive home games. Faced with such a strong opponent, Manchester United’s away game at Anfield is really a disaster.

Liverpool has been in good form recently. It climbed to the top of the Premier League with a three-game winning streak, and also secured first place in the Europa League group stage early. Although they lost to San Giros in the last game, Klopp rotated most of the main players, obviously in preparation for this weekend’s double red meeting. It is worth mentioning that Liverpool has achieved an impressive record of 11 consecutive wins in all competitions at home this season. Now facing its old rivals who are in a bad situation, they are bound to attack with all their strength.

On the other hand, Manchester United’s recent performance can be described as a mess. In the league, they lost 0-3 at home to underdog Bournemouth and fell out of the top six. In the Champions League, they lost to Bayern and were eliminated at the bottom of the group. The team showed no fighting spirit on the court, and head coach Ten Hag’s position was also in jeopardy. In the weekend’s away game against old rival Liverpool, the team’s core offensive player, B, accumulated yellow cards and was suspended. The defense was even more stretched after Maguire and Luke Shaw were injured in midweek. Moreover, since ten Hag took over Manchester United for a season and a half, the team has not won any away games against the Big 6 in the Premier League, which has cast a shadow over Manchester United’s away trip.

The sports betting official has announced the score system for this game. Among them, if Liverpool wins 2-1, the lowest payout is 8, followed by 2-0 and 3-1, and the lowest payout is 9. For Manchester United, the lowest payout for 2-1 is 1. 22; the lowest figure for a draw between the two sides is 1-1, 1 pays 11.5. It can be seen that the score data is also consistent with the victory, draw and loss data, which also gives Liverpool an absolute advantage. In the half-full game, the lowest odds of Liverpool’s victory are 1.79 to 1. In this game, Liverpool is expected to crush Manchester United at the beginning of the game.

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