Xiao Lei talks about Havertz’s goal being disallowed: The current handball rules are rubbish

In the Premier League that ended early this morning, Arsenal lost 0-1 away to Villa. During the game, the referee refused to award a penalty kick for Jesus’ fall in the penalty area and determined that Havertz’s goal was invalid due to handball. , these two penalties caused great controversy after the game.

Jamie Redknapp, who serves as a commentator for Sky Sports, talked about Havertz’s handball penalty after the game. He believed that the referee’s decision to determine the handball was correct, but he criticized the rule itself and Says today’s handball rules are “rubbish”:

“Unfortunately, that’s the rule. If the ball hits a player’s hand and a goal is scored, it becomes handball, which is ridiculous when you think about it.”

“This is a rubbish rule. How can this be considered a handball? It looked like the ball might have hit Marty Cash and just bounced off.”

“Back to handball, the ball bounces into your hand. I think we always get confused by these rules. How can this be considered handball? He shouldn’t have done it. It’s a rubbish rule.”

“This is the current rule but if we want to help football, if we want to improve football, if we want to make football more enjoyable and more goals scored, then the people in power have to look at this and say ‘This is a rubbish rule’ ‘.”

“The ball grazed his (Havertz’s) arm. He shouldn’t have done that. If he puts his arm out and the ball hits his hand, it’s handball. But whoever decided to make that a rule, I think it’s very Ridiculous because it cost Arsenal a goal.”

However, Redknapp and fellow commentator Karen Carney were unsympathetic to Arteta’s performance when Luiz tackled Jesus. “Arsenal fans will say it was a touch, but when I first saw it it wasn’t enough for me,” Carney said.

“It didn’t reach the threshold for a penalty. He did hook his leg a little bit, but it wasn’t enough for me, so I don’t think it was a penalty.”

Redknapp added: “We saw the Crystal Palace and Liverpool game today and people try to compare them but I don’t think they are the same. I don’t think that (Jesus’ collapse) was one Penalty kick.”

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