Candidates for IFFHS head coach of the year: Guardiola leads, Mori Yasuichi is on the list

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) has announced the shortlist for the 2023 Best Club Coach and National Team Coach of the Year. For the club, famous coaches such as Guardiola, Arteta, Xavi, and Ancelotti are on the list; for the national team, Scaloni, Southgate, Mori Yasuichi, Bielsa and others are on the list.

Club coach candidate list (nationality, club):

Guardiola (Spain, Manchester City)

Moyes (Scotland, West Ham United)

Arteta (Spain, Arsenal)

Inzaghi Jr. (Italy, Inter Milan)

Pioli (Italy, AC Milan)

Spalletti (Naples, Italy)

Ancelotti (Italy, Real Madrid)

Xavi (Spain, Barcelona)

Jorge Almiron (Argentina, Boca Juniors)

Zubria (Argentina, Universidad Sport de Quito)

Luis Castro (Portugal, Botafogo/Riyadh victory)

Cerundolo (USA, Los Angeles FC)

Marcel Kohler (Al-Ahli, Cairo, Switzerland)

Albert Riera (Spain, Auckland City)

National coach candidate list (nationality, coaching team):

De la Fuente (Spain, Spain)

Steve Clark (Scotland, Scotland)

Deschamps (France, France)

Southgate (England, England)

Sylvinho (Italy, Albania)

Tedesco (Germany, Belgium)

Marco Rossi (Italy, Hungary)

Martinez (Spain, Portugal)

Scaloni (Argentina, Argentina)

Bielsa (Argentina, Uruguay)

Fernando Batista (Argentina, Venezuela)

Felix Sanchez (Spain, Ecuador)

Lozano (Mexico, Mexico)

Thomas Christiansen (Spain, Panama)

Berhalter (USA, USA)

Mori Yasuichi (Japan, Japan)

Klinsmann (Germany, South Korea)

Victoria (Portugal, Egypt)

Grant (Israel, Zambia)

Hughton (Ireland, Ghana)

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