Tottenham’s morale improves and is expected to get back on track, sealing victory against Hammers at halftime

In the early morning of December 8th, Beijing time, the 15th round of the Premier League will usher in a focus battle. Tottenham will face the challenge of West Ham United at home. In the last round of games, Tottenham’s last-minute draw and the referee’s controversial decision allowed them to take away a point at the Etihad, while West Ham United also drew with Crystal Palace at home. The sports betting official for this game has offered a low payout of 1.67 for Tottenham’s home win. Obviously, Tottenham’s home win is more promising.

Tottenham started the season well and once ranked first in the standings. However, after entering November, Tottenham’s condition took a turn for the worse. The injuries to many main players made coach Postkoglu stretched in terms of personnel. Starting from the 1-4 defeat at home to Chelsea, they have been winless for 4 consecutive games, during which they suffered 3 consecutive defeats. However, Tottenham’s offensive ability is quite good this season, scoring a total of 28 goals in 14 Premier League games and scoring in every game. Head striker Son Heung-min is in even hotter form, scoring 9 goals in 14 Premier League games and ranking third in the league’s top scorer list. And in the last round, when the outside world was extremely optimistic, Son Heung-min led Tottenham to a tenacious draw with defending champion Manchester City in the away game with 1 goal and 1 assist, which greatly improved the morale of the whole team. In this game, Tottenham returns to home to face a mid-table opponent, and naturally hopes to sweep away the gloom with victory.

West Ham United remains unbeaten with 4 wins and 1 draw in the past 5 games in all competitions, and is in good form. This season, when the leading striker Antonio is in a sluggish state, the offensive core system composed of Bowen, Soucek, Paqueta and Prowse has performed well. In recent games, he has scored or assisted almost every game. However, West Ham United’s away defense is very average. In the past 17 away games, they have only one clean sheet and conceded an average of 1.7 goals per game. Facing Tottenham’s tidal wave of attacks in this game, it may be difficult to resist.

In past encounters between the two sides, Tottenham also had a certain advantage. Last season, Tottenham drew 1-1 at home and easily won 2-0 at home. And data shows that Tottenham have remained unbeaten for 4 consecutive seasons against West Ham United at home in the Premier League, and have won by two goals in 3 games.

At present, the sports lottery official has opened an odds combination of 1.67 (Tottenham), 3.85 (tie), and 3.58 (West Ham United) for this game. Tottenham’s advantage is relatively obvious. In terms of score odds, Tottenham’s 2-1 win is the lowest at 7 to 1, a 1-1 draw between the two sides is 8.5 to 1, and the remaining scores are all over 10 to 1. In the semi-full-time game, Tottenham’s odds of winning are 2.6, which is much lower than other options. Tottenham is expected to form a comprehensive suppression in the game. Taken together, Tottenham has the advantage and is supported by data. In this game, Tottenham is expected to strike first and get back on track.

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