Premier League – Docoure scores, Chelsea drops to 12th place 0-2 Everton

On December 10, in the 16th round of the Premier League, Chelsea lost 0-2 away to Everton.

In the 54th minute, Lewin’s shot was saved, and Kudulay scored with a supplementary shot.

In the 90th minute, Dobbin sealed the victory for Everton.

  Chelsea starting line-up: 1-Sanchez (84’28-Petrovic), 24-James (25’26-Colville), 2-Disasi, 5-Badiasil, 3-Kukure Leah (84’29-Mattson), 25-Caicedo, 8-Enzo (67’7-Sterling), 23-Gallagher, 20-Palmer, 10-Mudrick , 19-Broya (67’15-Jackson)

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