Timber: I have been integrating into the team during my recovery. Arteta’s football ideas inspired us

Arsenal spent 38.5 million pounds in the summer window to introduce defender Timber, but he injured the anterior cruciate ligament of his right knee in his Premier League debut and will be absent for a long time. Currently, he is interviewed by the London Evening Standard.

About adapting to the team during recovery period

Timber: “When I first got injured, all I wanted to do was think about the positives and continue to work hard to integrate into the team. You have to watch and learn. The problem is, this is a long-term injury, and the recovery period is 7-9 Months have passed, but every week is close to a comeback.

To a certain extent, you need to dig into the way we play to be ready for the return. I attend team meetings and communicate a lot. I’ve been talking to players, coaches and having lunch with the team. “

“Injuries give you time to adapt because I’m not playing. I train hard regularly and I have time to settle in London. That’s a positive, so I feel at home in London.”

On the support of teammates when he learned he was seriously injured

“I remember Zinchenko and Elneny were at the training ground and everyone was gone that day and the doctor asked me to be alone for a while and they came into my room. They were just talking, encouraging me and saying a lot of positive things. about it. A lot of people were texting me because no one was at the club, but they heard the news and they texted me. They asked me if I was okay and I got a huge amount of support, as well as my girlfriend And my family, it made me feel really positive right from the start.”

About Arteta

“I remember when I first started talking to him about it, he is a great coach and from my first day at Arsenal he started teaching me things and explaining to me very quickly how he looked at football inspired us.”

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