Romero recalls yelling at Mbappe: An act from the heart, that’s what our Argentinian defender is like

In an interview with Star+ to commemorate the first anniversary of Argentina’s World Cup win in Qatar, defender Romero recalled scenes in the final including his roaring at Mbappe.

“Before we scored, Mbappe said something (provocative) to Enzo and I didn’t like what he did, so at that moment I was very excited and Messi scored, so I did it from the bottom of my heart He yelled at Mbappe. That’s football, it just happens, and then the media magnified it after the game.”

“But I have great respect for him and all the players. He is a great player and he still has time to achieve something. So how can we let him go? Our Argentinian defenders are like this. We like friction. I think this style is very Well, that’s how we play.”

“In the first half we felt we were playing well, we were comfortable, we had the advantage, it looked simple, but we also knew they were playing against a great team and we went out there with respect for everyone. I also play with the mentality of defeating my opponent.”

Recalling the moment when Martin saved Muani alone, Romero said: “I said, this is a historic save. When I saw the video, I couldn’t believe it. It was the best in the game. The save, if they had scored, it would have been a different movie. After the final whistle, I lay on the ground for 10 or 15 minutes and Lautaro came and picked me up. I felt like my brain was shutting down. We worked so hard for this game and we had to go into a penalty shootout.”

“I remember Messi took a penalty kick and scored, Mbappe scored, and then I stopped watching and started to kneel on the ground and pray. Martin saved the penalty and I just fell to the ground and I kept thinking Pray, pray, pray, and then someone came and told me to stand up, and I felt it, France missed the second penalty, and I started praying to God again, praying to all the saints, praying to the Virgin to give us the championship. “

“Finally, the suffering was over, everything was filled with joy, I started running, and finally I knelt on the ground alone. That moment stayed in my mind and will stay with me forever. I achieved what a footballer dreams of, and I did it. I had too many dreams, and I thought of many beautiful or not beautiful moments, and tears burst into my eyes when I thought of everything I had done for this goal.”

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