Return to the Premier League! Manchester United gives De Gea a new job, Newcastle sends invitation, Ten Hag regrets

As January is approaching, every team is looking for suitable reinforcement targets. However, compared with the summer transfer period, it is more difficult to complete the reinforcement work in January. After all, it is difficult for players who perform well to be transferred, and players who perform poorly are not suitable for each team. The team’s recruitment goals, especially for teams with high pursuits in the new season. Therefore, one can only look for substitute players from wealthy clubs in the transfer market, or players who have remained free agents in the past period of time.

Among all free agents, De Gea is in a special situation. After ending his contract with Manchester United, he did not quickly start his next plan. This is not entirely De Gea’s problem. He does have high requirements for salary and the status of the team. The attitude of major giants towards De Gea is also a very key reason. They are not sure that De Gea can maintain his position. How long is the state, so he is skeptical about giving a high-paying long-term contract, and De Gea will only be considered if there is a real shortage of people.

Among the teams currently interested in De Gea, they are mainly from overseas leagues such as the Saudi League, Major League Soccer and La Liga teams. However, De Gea is not yet ready to join overseas leagues. And La Liga does not seem to be his goal. De Gea hopes to join a more ambitious team, preferably a team that can participate in the Champions League. There was no good choice before this, but after the game between Manchester United and Newcastle, such an opportunity appeared in front of De Gea.

In Manchester United’s match against Newcastle, due to a long period of inactivity and a save in the final stage, Newcastle goalkeeper Pope suffered a shoulder injury. It is still unclear how long he will miss the game. Therefore, Newcastle is currently preparing to find a suitable replacement to replace Pope in the second half of the game with a more intensive schedule to help the team. According to reports from the English media, Newcastle’s transfer team has contacted De Gea to try out the possibility of signing De Gea.

Judging from current reports, although Newcastle is willing to provide De Gea with a job opportunity, they are not ready to offer a stable long-term contract. They are more willing to provide De Gea with a salary that meets his salary. A six-month contract, De Gea’s performance in the next game will determine the future of both parties. Judging from the conditions given by the team and De Gea’s desire to stay in Europe, there is the possibility of reaching an agreement on this contract, and Manchester United will face Onana in the African Cup of Nations in the next time. , even if Ten Hag regrets his decision to let go of De Gea easily, there is nothing he can do.