Griezmann on facing Inter Milan: The audience may be bored, but for the players it will be an exciting match

The top 16 groups of the Champions League have been released. Atletico Madrid will face Serie A leader Inter Milan. Griezmann was awarded the 2023 La Liga Best Player at the AS Sports Awards Ceremony held by “AS”. At the same time, he also Received media interviews.

“My teammates and I are very happy to be on this occasion, let’s keep going and try to win another award next year. I’m really enjoying life now on and off the court. The journey to the championship is long and has its peaks. There have been downs, but Atletico is a very strong team.”

“Regarding the game against Inter Milan, it may feel a bit boring for the fans watching the game. It is a challenge between two teams of equal strength. Inter Milan’s performance without the ball is very outstanding. For the players on the field , it will be a very exciting match, but not so exciting for the audience. Coach Simeone has already talked to us, and he said that we must win no matter what.”

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