Kulu: I like the coach’s tactics and mentality. The draw with Manchester City in the absence of 10 people is something to be proud of.

In the 14th round of the Premier League, Kulusevski scored the ultimate goal to help Tottenham draw 3-3 with Manchester City. Kulusevski was interviewed by the media and talked about this game and coach Postkoglu.

“I really, really like him (Postkoglu). His tactics, his mentality, that’s who you want to work with. I like his mentality because that’s what I want Lifestyle. We have to grow, but the best thing in life is to be fearless and keep going. No matter who you’re up against or what you’re doing, just go for it, and if it screws up, screw it up Damn it, at least you did it with your heart instead of just being timid.”

“You want to win the game, not lose. I like the manager’s game plan. This game is difficult because Manchester City is one of the best teams in the world. Nothing in the game is perfect, but in 10 The way we performed in the second half without a lot of players was unbelievable for the manager and the team.”

“We showed that we can compete with any team, even without a lot of good players. We just need to grow a little bit mentally and we will be a top team and that’s the only thing we’re lacking in. We have ourselves With a great style of football and a great manager, this Tottenham team has it all.”

“We have to start winning now and we are proud of yesterday’s game, but we have two home games and we have to get six points.”

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