Europa League – Gakpo’s double shot from Salah, Liverpool 4-0 Linz

On December 1, in the fifth round of the Europa League group stage, Liverpool defeated Linz 4-0 at home.

In the 12th minute, Gomez made a pass and Dias scored with a header.

  In the 15th minute, Gakpo scored in front of the goal.

  In the 51st minute, Salah hit a penalty kick.

  In the 92nd minute, Arnold assisted Gakpo to score.

Liverpool starting: 62-Kelleher, 2-Gomez, 78-Kwanza, 5-Conate (56′ 66-Arnold), 21-Tsimikas (82′ 44-Chambers), 3 -Horu Endo, 38-Grafenberch (82′ 84-Bradley), 19-Elliott, 7-Luis Dias (56′ 9-Nunez), 11-Sa Lage (55′ 17-Jones), 18-Gakpo