Seat B: We need to be more organized defensively, everyone needs to do better

According to the “Manchester Evening News”, Seat B talked about the team’s recent performance in an interview. He said in the interview that the team needs to be more organized defensively.

Manchester City has suffered three consecutive draws in the last three games in the Premier League, but their opponents in these three games were Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham. But in the past four games, they have conceded a total of 10 goals, and they have conceded goals in the final moments of every Premier League game. After the fourteenth round of the Premier League, Manchester City ranks third in the standings with 30 points, Arsenal and Liverpool rank first and second with 33 points and 31 points respectively.

Seat B said in the interview: “We need to reduce personal mistakes and improve our ability to seize opportunities. If we want to get back on the road to victory, we must improve our abilities. In this level of competition Small details are important, we need to be more organized defensively.

“In addition, we also need to look at our own performance. We should seize every opportunity during the game. In the game against Tottenham, we had the opportunity to end the suspense of the game. We created a lot of opportunities, Worked well under pressure as well. But it’s all for naught if you don’t score and that’s what happened in our last game.”

In addition, Seat B also talked about the upcoming match between Manchester City and Aston Villa.

Seat B said: “We cannot concede three or four goals every game. We must do better in the details of the game and the defense in the last few minutes. Although sometimes we can score five or six goals in the game, But this is not the norm, so we need to perform as a team defensively and everyone needs to do better. The same goes for offense, if we can demand more of ourselves we will be unstoppable .Aston Villa are a very organized and disciplined team and we need to be ready for this game.”

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