12 games undefeated! Undefeated for ten years! Manchester United = Chelsea’s real nemesis, giving the Blues a 30-year record of shame

On December 7, Beijing time, in the 15th round of the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Chelsea 2-1 at home, setting multiple historical records!

The performance of the two giants this season is unsatisfactory. Manchester United ranks 7th, and Chelsea ranks only 10th. Both Ten Hag and Pochettino are under great pressure, so no one can afford to lose in this game.

The first one to show off was Manchester United at home. Anthony made a penalty kick in the 9th minute, but unfortunately B Fee’s shot was saved by Sanchez! However, in the 19th minute, McTominay scored a supplementary shot to break the deadlock.

Chelsea’s performance was not much better. Mudrick hit the post in the 15th minute, and Jackson’s single shot was saved by Onana in the 33rd minute. It wasn’t until the 45th minute that Palmer scored a low shot with his left foot into the net, finally equalizing the score!

In the first half, Manchester United’s expected goals were as high as 2.78, setting a half-time record this season. Famer Evra said: “There is nothing negative to say. I wouldn’t be surprised if the score is 6-3.”

In the second half, the Red Devils’ offensive was equally fierce. In the 70th minute, Ganaccio passed in and McTominay scored twice with a header and scored the winning goal!

This “soft persimmon derby” ended with Manchester United winning 2-1, and they continued to play the role of “Blues nemesis”.

Data shows that Manchester United has remained unbeaten in the last 12 Premier League games against Chelsea, with 5 wins and 7 draws! The last time we lost was a 0-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge in November 2017, 6 years ago!

Sitting at Old Trafford, the Red Devils remained unbeaten against the Blues in 11 league home games, recording 57 wins and 6 draws! The last time they lost was 0-1 in May 2013. Ten years ago, it was also the season when Manchester United last won the Premier League championship.

After five consecutive draws between the two teams, Manchester United has won two consecutive victories against Chelsea. The last consecutive victory over the Blues was in February 2020.

Interestingly, in the last 22 Premier League games, Manchester United has not achieved a draw, with 14 wins and 8 losses. The last time they shook hands with their opponents was 2-2 Tottenham in April this year.

Chelsea lost their 17th league game in 2023, setting the worst record in 30 years in a single natural year! In 1993, they had lost 20 Premier League games, and now they are only 3 away.

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