Real Madrid found a treasure! Enderrick’s 12th goal led the team to win the Brazilian championship again, surpassing Neymar by one record

Real Madrid loaned out youngster Ndrick to once again decide the championship – in the 38th round of the 2023 Brazilian League, Palmeiras played against Cruzeiro. Ndrick scored a key goal and led the team to a 1-1 draw. Tied with their opponents; Palmeiras also retained the Brazilian Championship with a 2-point advantage.

endrick and vega

For this game, Palmeiras coach Ferreira arranged a 3-5-2 starting lineup: Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez and Murillo formed the three central defenders, and Wandelan Separated from McKay on the wings, Ze Rafael and Rios partnered as a double midfielder, Vega served as the 10th position, and Breno Lopez and Endrick served as a double forward.


In the 8th minute, Ze Rafael broke through and passed the ball to the left. Endrick volleyed with his left foot, but Rafael barely blocked the ball.

In the 11th minute, Arthur Gomez rushed in with the ball and his long shot was saved by Weaverton.

In the 20th minute, Palmeiras broke the deadlock. Former Real Madrid player Lucas Silva made a low-level mistake. Enderrick’s single shot was saved by Rafael. Then, Enderrick quickly adjusted and saved the ball. Send into the empty door.

Including this goal, Enderrick has scored 12 league goals this season. As a result, he has surpassed Neymar (11 goals in a single season) and became the second highest scorer in a single season in the history of Brazil. More U17 players (the record is still held by the alien Ronaldo). What is particularly worth mentioning is that in the last 8 rounds of the league, Enderrick scored 6 goals, which contributed greatly to Palmeiras’ counterattack and championship.

After that, Cruzeiro counterattacked fiercely, and Palmeiras, who was already looking forward to winning the championship, showed a certain degree of relaxation. In the 80th minute, Mateusz Pereira made a wonderful assist and Nikon equalized the score. At the end of the game, Palmeiras drew 1-1 with Cruzeiro and successfully defended the league championship.

Since the establishment of the Brazilian League in 1959, Palmeiras has won 12 championships, ranking first in the country, and the young Endrick already has two league championships in hand. Next summer, Endrick will officially join Real Madrid. With his talent and potential, he has every hope of making a career in Real Madrid.

Enderrick celebrates goal

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