Nunes: He still needs to improve in many aspects and wants to score more goals and provide more assists

Recently, Manchester City midfielder Nunes accepted an interview with Sky Sports and talked about the team.

Nunes said: “You can see why this team has become a treble winner, everyone is talented, even Ederson can play in midfield. It’s not that my former team-mates are not world-class, but The level here is different than anywhere I’ve been before. I try to look at what other players can do in my position and see if I can apply that to my game and become the best I can be. A complete midfielder.”

“There are a lot of great teammates here, including B, Rodri, Kovacic, Rico Lewis. Lewis is only 18 years old and he’s a great player considering that. I still have some aspects I need to improve, but if the coach lets me play, I have no reason not to play. I want to score more goals and give more assists. The coach can improve any player on the team, and I am no exception.”

“I watched the first half against Arsenal and they were very aggressive and kept the ball well. I don’t know what strategy the opponent will use against us, but I don’t expect them to stop. , the opponent has the courage and strength. Everyone in the Premier League has the ability to go to a bigger team, and there are many transfers every year, including this year when I was at Wolves, and it was the same when I was at Luton.”

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