Manchester United is losing blood! On the night of elimination from the Champions League, two main defenders were injured and missed the opportunity to play against Liverpool, which may be a disaster.

In a focus match in the final round of Group A of the Champions League group stage that ended on December 13, Beijing time, Manchester United lost 0-1 to Bayern at home and ranked bottom of the group. Not only did they miss the chance to advance to the top 16 of the Champions League, they even missed the Europa League play-offs. No qualifications were obtained. While their dream of promotion was shattered, Manchester United also injured Maguire and Luke Shaw, its two main defense players.

In this game, Manchester United must defeat Bayern to have a chance to advance from the group. Therefore, Maguire and Luke Shaw started consecutive games. In the first half, the two teamed up with Varane to withstand the impact of the powerful striker group led by Kane.

However, in the 40th minute, a heart-wrenching scene occurred. During an unconfronted dribbling, Maguire strained his left groin. His expression was so painful that the team doctor had to enter the field for emergency treatment. The coach Ten Hag on the sidelines looked very anxious.

Although Maguire once chose to persist in the game after a brief treatment, he was unable to continue due to unbearable pain and had to be replaced. Veteran Evans came on as a substitute. When Maguire came off the field, he received a standing ovation from Manchester United fans. Obviously, Manchester United fans are very positive about his performance in this game and in recent times. In previous seasons, Maguire had been booed by fans many times due to poor performance.

According to statistics, in the 40 minutes of playing time, Maguire made 3 clearances, succeeded in 1 aerial confrontation, and succeeded in 4 of 5 long passes, scoring a good 6.8 points.

After Maguire was injured, another member of Manchester United’s defense, Luke Shaw, was also injured. He was replaced by Wan-Bissaka at halftime. After the two defensive cores were injured successively, Manchester United’s goal was finally blocked by Bayern in the second half. Break through. After being eliminated from the Champions League, whether the two can make it to the “double red meeting” with Liverpool this weekend is not optimistic.

Currently, Manchester United is only ranked 6th in the Premier League, and the team has encountered a serious wave of injuries. With fee B suspended, Manchester United no longer have Maguire and Luke Shaw. Whether Ten Hag can lead the team out of Anfield is undoubtedly a big question. You know, Manchester United lost 0-7 to Liverpool in an away game last season. With many core players absent this time, they may be in trouble again at the hands of the Red Army, who lead the standings.

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