Goodbye Manchester United! 30 million euros package, Ten Hag accepts 100 million losses, Juventus signs Red Devils twin stars

Judging from the current Manchester United lineup, they are actually competitive enough on all fronts. There are good players in various positions in the team, at least players with characteristics, although it is not enough to make them a championship level. team, but there is still no problem competing for a spot in the Champions League. However, due to Manchester United’s internal management problems and the team’s tactical problems, many players are actually not suitable for Manchester United’s lineup, and Manchester United’s cleaning work during the summer transfer period did not go smoothly, including Van de Beek and Martial. Many players including him have not been successfully cleaned.

Since the beginning of this season, many Manchester United players have not played more than 100 minutes. Except for substitute goalkeepers or those who are absent due to injuries, such as Malaysia, Diallo, Sancho and Van de Beek. It should be the most pity. As Manchester United’s key signings in the transfer market, Sancho and Van de Beek spent more than 120 million euros in transfer fees for Manchester United, but they did not bring much help to the team. The effect of these two signings Neither is particularly ideal.

However, there are actually some differences between the problems of Sancho and Van de Beek. Sancho’s ability is not a big problem. He is mainly unable to adapt to the team’s tactics in Manchester United’s lineup, and he has difficulty with head coach Ten Ha. Contradictions between the grids resulted in the inability to play the game. And Van de Beek is because he cannot adapt to the confrontation problems of the Premier League and his own injury problems. He has not been able to become the main force of the team so far. He has become the target of the team’s abandonment a long time ago, but there is no suitable next home. to accept his contract.

However, this situation has been changed. While Manchester United is preparing to clean up the team’s lineup, they also accept that they will definitely lose players. According to reports in the English media, Juventus will try to package Manchester United’s Sancho and Van de Beek in January, but is only willing to pay a transfer fee of 30 million euros for these two players, which also means that Manchester United will lose 100 million euros. The transfer fee is around, but in order to solve the problem of the team’s lineup, Manchester United can only make such a decision, and can only accept such a result.

After the start of this season, Juventus also faced the problem of lineup losses. They also need to strengthen in January to ensure that the team can still maintain competitiveness for the championship with the current lineup. The first thing to do is to continue to strengthen the team’s lineup, and Sancho and Van de Beek are more suitable targets. The most important point is that their transfer fees are not high, but their high salary is also a problem for Juventus. A lot of pressure, this is the problem that the club needs to focus on and solve.