Boss Mu takes priority, so does the devil! Western media: Real Madrid does not rule out signing two superstar players if they want to come

On December 4, Spanish media relevo revealed Real Madrid’s transfer target: Mbappe is still Real Madrid’s first choice next summer, but Real Madrid’s door is also open to Haaland. Sign Mbappe and Haaland at the same time? It’s difficult, but not impossible…

Mbappe has always been the target of Real Madrid. The two sides appreciate each other, but they always pass by. Relevo revealed that in the summer of 2024, Real Madrid still regards Mbappe as a priority. Wait until January, Real Madrid can start negotiations with Mbappe. While contacting Mbappe, Real Madrid’s other eye is aimed at the 23-year-old “Majin Buu” Haaland.

Haaland’s agent Pimenta confirmed that there is a release clause in the contract between Devilman and Manchester City. His future choices are 100% up to him. Relevo pointed out that Haaland’s dream is to play for Real Madrid. At Real Madrid, Haaland’s best friend Bellingham shines.

In the 2022-23 season, Haaland won three crowns with Manchester City. The Norwegian superstar is very happy in Manchester City, but he is a player who likes to challenge himself. The dream of going to Real Madrid has never changed. Manchester City was also unwilling to let Haaland go. They offered Haaland a contract extension and offered a sky-high salary in an attempt to retain this talented shooter.

So, is it possible for Mbappe and Haaland to join Real Madrid at the same time? Relevo sources say it’s difficult, but not impossible. Real Madrid’s door is always open to the top superstars. Mbappe is the first choice, but if there is an opportunity to introduce Haaland, Real Madrid will study it. If Mbappe lets go again, Real Madrid will make greater efforts to chase Haaland.

As early as 2022, Real Madrid was contacted by Haaland. At that time, Raiola and Harland Sr. came to Real Madrid’s Valdebebas training city, causing a sensation in the outside world. However, Raiola and Harland Sr. demanded high commissions, sky-high transfer fees and high salaries, but Real Madrid did not meet their demands. But the situation is different now. Haaland has shown his ability as a top star and is worthy of high transfer fees and high salaries.

Relevo said that Real Madrid has been “saving money to do big things.” This summer, Real Madrid made almost no moves on the front line. They rented Joselu, coupled with the return of Dias, and did not pursue Kane and Havertz, just to “win with one blow” in the summer of 2024.

Previously, “AS” revealed that Real Madrid has sufficient funds to sign Haaland and Mbappe at the same time. As of June 30, 2023, Real Madrid has 128 million euros in deposits in the bank, and a credit line of 265 million euros available, which can almost spend 400 million euros! When the new stadium is put into use, Real Madrid’s income continues to rise, and there is no problem in winning Hamm.