Real Madrid officially announced that the 31-year-old vice-captain will be out for one month due to injury! An Shuai is too miserable: 7 aces will no longer be able to appear this year

On the evening of December 4th, Beijing time, La Liga giants Real Madrid officially announced that the team’s main right back Carvajal was diagnosed with an injury to the soleus muscle of his left leg after examination. The injury time is to be determined.

According to Spanish media estimates, Carvajal will be injured for 3-4 weeks, which also means that the Spanish full-back will miss all remaining games in 2023. Real Madrid’s goal is to have him catch up with the Spanish Super Cup on January 10.

In La Liga last weekend, although Real Madrid defeated Granada 2-0, Carvajal, who started the game, was replaced by Vazquez at the beginning of the second half. After the game, Ancelotti said that he made this substitution The reason is due to the “overload” of Carvajal’s muscles.

This season, the 31-year-old Carvajal has played 17 times on behalf of Real Madrid, contributing 2 goals and 2 assists. He is still an indispensable main force of the team. He is also one of the three vice-captains of the Real Madrid team.

This season, Real Madrid has encountered a serious wave of injuries. At the beginning of the season, goalkeeper Courtois and center back Militao were seriously injured and were sidelined for a long time. Since then, Vinicius, Joan Armene and Camavinga have also fallen successively. In addition, Real Madrid’s current injury list includes With new aid Guler and Carvajal, Real Madrid already has seven first-team players who will definitely miss the chance to debut in 2023. With so many aces unable to play, Ancelotti was indeed very depressed. In 2023, Real Madrid still has 3 La Liga games and 1 Champions League game.