Manchester United goalkeeper returns to Premier League? Newcastle goalkeeper is seriously injured and is out, De Gea is expected to join the Magpies

According to news on December 4, according to exclusive news from the British “Post”, former Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea is expected to return to the Premier League during the winter break and join Newcastle United to replace goalkeeper Pope who was injured in the last round of the league.

In a highlight of the Premier League last weekend, Newcastle defeated Manchester United 1-0 at home. In that game, Newcastle goalkeeper Pope was replaced early due to injury.

Post-match examination results showed that Pope’s shoulder injury is not optimistic. He may be absent for a long time. It is expected that Pope will be able to make a comeback at the end of this season. In addition to Pope, Newcastle also has Dubravka, Karius and Gillespie at the goalkeeper position. No matter who these three people are, it will be difficult for them to take on the big responsibility.

It is reported that Newcastle plans to introduce De Gea in the winter transfer window to supplement the team’s lineup. De Gea has been idle at home since his contract with Manchester United ended last season and has not found a new club.

De Gea, currently 33 years old, is fully qualified to serve as Newcastle’s main goalkeeper. Since the summer of 2011, he has been playing for Manchester United in the Premier League. During this period, he played a total of 545 games for the team, including 190 clean sheets. After the contract expired this summer, Manchester United did not choose to renew De Gea’s contract.