The Sun: Manchester United fans hope that B Fee will avoid playing Bournemouth to avoid being suspended and missing the Red Army

The Sun reports that Manchester United fans are calling for B Fee to be placed on the bench against Bournemouth.

All this stems from the fact that fans believe that B Fee may accumulate yellow cards and be suspended. B Fee has received four yellow cards in the league this season, which means that he may be one game away from being suspended. If he picks up a yellow card against Bournemouth, he will miss the next league game. Manchester United will face Liverpool later, and the fans are eager for B Fee to play.

One fan said on Twitter: “B Fee has already received 4 yellow cards. If he gets another yellow card tomorrow, he will be suspended. He will either sit on the bench or play like an angel.”

Another said: “100% going to get yellowed by something ridiculous.”

A third said: “He’s going to get a yellow card for complaining to the referee haha 😁.”

A fourth admitted: “I was praying he would get a yellow card in the middle of the week😂.”

Options in attacking midfield are quite scarce for the Red Devils, with Eriksen unlikely to return until after the New Year and Mount’s ability to recover before the game against Bournemouth is also questionable. Contemplating Mount’s possible return to the team, one fan said: “I’d love for Mount to play.” But another fan didn’t believe he would make it in time, adding: “It would be better if Mount was here. “

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