TA: Poaching Manchester City’s operating officer proves Ratcliffe’s determination

After Ratcliffe took over Manchester United, he poached Berada, the chief operating officer of rival Manchester City, who officially confirmed that he would be the new CEO of Manchester United. The Athletic’s Manchester United reporter Laurie Whitwell wrote an article saying that poaching Berada proved La Jue’s determination.

Following conversations with fans last week, an unnamed source involved in the event said Ratcliffe left the impression that he was no longer patient after going through a lengthy bidding process. Waiting: “He’s not going to wait for anyone anymore, and I don’t think he’s going to waste time making changes.”

Ratcliffe’s statement in the conversation was met with enthusiasm and scepticism from those present, but now poaching Berada from Manchester City is a sign that United’s new co-owner may be delivering on his promise.

The 46-year-old Berada has not only established a good reputation in Manchester City, and is regarded as a potential successor to Manchester City CEO Soriano and director Begiristain. He is also well regarded among other football managers and agents. Raiola and Pimenta negotiated the signing of Haaland and the key figures influencing the player’s contract extension.

Ratcliffe believes that those who manage the club on a day-to-day basis should be comfortable participating in the main functions of the football club. Berada’s appointment marks that Manchester United will return to the working methods of the Ed Woodward period. to perform the functions of signing and appointing head coaches. Moreover, Berada speaks four languages and enjoys greater credibility in the industry than Woodward.

Considering Berada’s strategic importance, Manchester United’s appointment gives people a different feeling. Berada himself has publicly pointed out Manchester United’s problems. In 2014, he published an article on social media questioning the club’s descent into chaos. Ratcliffe agreed, telling staff bluntly that United’s football department had been failing and he believed Berrada could help.

Ineos CEO Blanco was initially thought to be taking the top job at Manchester United, but after discussions, he will become a member of the board of directors. It is said that he does not like returning to the club as CEO, and he will provide strategic advice to Manchester United.

The addition of Berada also confirmed Ratcliffe’s confident statement from another aspect, that is, the secrecy of the operation. For many years, Manchester United’s appointments have been made publicly and took a long time to complete. Before Woodward promoted Murtaugh internally, he had been communicating about the name of the director for two years. Arnold’s promotion to CEO had been anticipated for several months. The same was true for transfers. Quick action also helped to keep it confidential.

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