Manchester United merits: Manchester United will be a huge setback if they sign Benzema

Benzema has had conflicts with Jeddah United, his future has been in doubt and he has been linked to a number of European giants by the media. Manchester United’s meritorious defender Paul Parker said in an interview that if Manchester United introduces Benzema, it will repeat the mistakes of Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and others.

Paul Parker said: “If Manchester United signs Benzema, it will be a huge setback and an absolute mistake. This is just a public relations signing. The team does not need such a signing. Benzema left Real Madrid for a reason. The main reason may be money, or it may be that his main position can no longer be guaranteed. Some Red Devils fans may accept Benzema, but this will definitely be a mistake.

“Hoylen is the future of Manchester United. He has the hunger that Benzema no longer has. I will use any words to describe Benzema’s outstanding career and achievements. He is of course a top player. But if Manchester United now brings in Ben Zema was a serious regression, just like Ibrahimovic, Cavani and Ronaldo at the time.”

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