Forest writes to referee company Neville: Red Army gunner sets absurd precedent

Nottingham Forest lost 2-3 to Brentford. Forest sent a letter to the Premier League Referee Company, requesting an explanation for Ivan Toney’s move of the ball when taking a free kick. Neville said it was Liverpool and Arsenal who had ruined the atmosphere.

When Liverpool and Arsenal encountered misjudgements before, they both wrote to the Premier League Referee Company asking for an explanation. Now Nottingham Forest has also written to the Premier League Referee Company. Neville posted: “It is embarrassing for clubs to write to PGMOL. Liverpool and Arsenal started this and set such a ridiculous precedent. “

“Referees should do better and are under huge pressure at the moment. It is in the club’s interest for them to improve but such public statements are unnecessary. Private conversations and emails should be sought for explanations, but there is no need to ‘announce’ them A letter has been written to PGMOL. This will not change the decision and will not help anyone. It will only add to confusion.”

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