Ten Hag once talked about Guazha’s dominance: Any era will come to an end

In this round of the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Bournemouth 0-3 at home and is temporarily ranked sixth in the Premier League.

When he took office last year, Ten Hag once talked about the dominance of Guardiola and Klopp.

On May 23 last year, Ten Hag talked about Klopp and Guardiola at his appointment conference: “Now I admire them both. Whether it is Liverpool or Manchester City, they have played very exciting football, but Every era comes to an end and I’m looking forward to playing with them. I’m sure every other club in the Premier League feels the same way.” He was then asked if the dominance of Klopp and Guardiola would end? Ten Hag: “I think so.”

Currently, Liverpool ranks first in the Premier League with 37 points, and Manchester City ranks fourth with 30 points in one game less.

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