Manchester United’s front line is completely misfired! British media say Sancho trains like a beast

In this round of the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Bournemouth 0-3 at home, and the Red Devils’ front line was completely misfired! Manchester United attacker Sancho is currently being sent to the youth academy due to issues with Ten Hag.

Since September, Sancho has been excluded from the first team lineup for three months. According to a source in the Mirror, Sancho is still in good physical condition and “trains like a beast” despite being banished to the youth academy, and several teammates hope he can return to Ten Hag. in the lineup.

Ten Hag insisted that as long as Sancho apologized, he could return to the team, but the latter refused to apologize and believed that he had the right to defend himself. With Rashford, Martial and Anthony currently struggling, some Manchester United players believe that Ten Hag’s stubbornness is wrong and detrimental to the team.

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