3-0! Inter Milan defeated Napoli, overtook Juventus to regain the top spot, and Roma welcomed the gift

As the defending champion of Serie A, Napoli’s record this season has declined significantly. In the Champions League, they were not only beaten twice by La Liga giants Real Madrid, but they also frequently failed in the league. After 13 rounds, they only achieved 7 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, ranking third with 24 points. 4. We are 9 points away from the top spot and have little hope of winning the championship. This weekend, Naples will face another tough battle, facing Inter Milan at home. The latter drew with Juventus in the last round and failed to expand their lead. They urgently need 3 points to regain the top spot. Inter Milan played smoothly in this campaign. Calhanoglu, Varela and Thuram each made a contribution and defeated their opponents 3-0. In addition to regaining the top spot, they also helped Roma advance into the Champions League.

Both sides had no reservations in the strong dialogue. Naples continued the 4-3-3 formation, with Meret guarding the last line of defense. Di Lorenzo, Rahmani, Estigo and Natan formed the four backs, and Elma Si, Lobotka and Anguesa sit in the midfield, Osimhen returns to the starting lineup, joining forces with Politano and Kvarac Helia in the trident.

Inzaghi Jr. follows the familiar 3-5-2 system, Lautaro and Thuram form a double arrow, Dimarco and Dumfries serve as wing-backs, Mkhitaryan, Calhanoglu and Ba Leila guarded the center, De Vrij was in the middle of the defense, Acerbi and Damian were on both sides, and the goalkeeper was Sommer who was in excellent condition.

After the game started, Inter Milan took the initiative. In the 12th minute, Inter Milan played a wonderful cooperation. Thuram passed the ball with his heel and Lautaro headed the ball. The former entered the penalty area and succeeded in volleying in front of the goal. However, VAR verified that Thuram was offside and Inter Milan missed the goal. Have fun.

In the 19th minute, Inter Milan suffered a major setback. De Vrij was unable to persist due to injury. Inzaghi had to make passive adjustments and Carlos Augusto came on as a substitute. In the 36th minute, Naples almost scored. Politano cut in from the right and hit the crossbar.

As the saying goes, if you survive a catastrophe, you will be blessed later. Inter Milan, who escaped the disaster, quickly broke the deadlock. In the 44th minute, Dumfries returned with a header, Varela made a wonderful pass with his heel, and Calhanoglu met the ball and shot straight to the lower left corner of the goal. Meret was beyond reach, and Inter Milan entered the locker room with a 1-goal advantage.

The easy side played again and Naples strengthened its offensive. In the 57th minute, Osmeen provided support from the center, Elmas followed up with the ball, Kvaratschlija followed up with a volley, and Sommer flew to save the ball from the baseline. Naples missed an opportunity to equalize and were punished again.

In the 61st minute, Augusto passed the ball to the left, Lautaro passed the ball low, Varela rushed over, broke through the double-teaming of the opponent’s two defenders, calmly stabbed and scored, Inter Milan won another victory, 2 -0.

In the 80th minute, Di Lorenzo passed the corner kick, Ousty headed the ball over, Osimhen attacked the goal in close relay, Sommer blocked the ball incredibly, and Inter Milan tried to keep it clean.

Every time Napoli missed an opportunity, Inter Milan always expanded their advantage. In the 85th minute, Varela moved in a wide range, Cuadrado made a diagonal pass from the right, and Thuram outflanked and pushed the goal, sealing the victory 3-0.

After winning Naples 3-0, Inter Milan once again surpassed Juventus and regained the top spot. This game also affected the battle for the top four. Naples, who lost, had a worse goal difference than Roma despite having the same points, and the Red Wolves advanced to the top four.