Brentford manager: We have two of the best wingers in the Premier League

Brentford lost 0-1 to Arsenal. Brentford coach Thomas Frank was interviewed after the game.

Frank: “It was tough, the players were frustrated and I commend them for a great performance. Again we did a lot of good work and that’s what has been happening in the first 13 games. I think we deserved to get more points , this is the case again today.

“We were totally into the game and look at the players Arsenal have, they have their budget so it’s unbelievable that we played a completely 50-50 game with two chances for both sides and unlucky They scored.

“We have a good team, but not as big as other teams, I’m not complaining, but our injuries are a little annoying.

“With the players we had we could have picked up a point easily. We did a fantastic job keeping two of the best wingers in the league quiet the whole game, Saka was brilliant and Havertz’s run It was a great move, but unfortunately they scored.”